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A Birthday Party To Remember

I thought I’d finally share some images of NBC 4’s  Angie Goff’s son’s 3rd Birthday party. This took place at Busy Bees, one of my favorite places for little ones because it’s tailored just for little ones but also because they have amazing custom parties. If you have a theme in mind, my friend, Natalia will deliver! And when I say deliver, she will go above and beyond your expectations.  Exhibit A- Bob’s At The Bottom Of The Sea Party.  To see more images from this fun filled party you can visit Angie’s blog.



Family Love {Alexandria Va Family Photographer}

Family Love Alexandria Va Family photographerFamily Love {Alexandria va family photographer}

nd I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. To pin point it exactly why, I think it’s because it all comes down to love and holding on to special memories.  I know this comes with a lot of cheese. Spoonfuls, in fact, of cheesiness. But hear me out before I lose you.   I’ll use this amazing family as my example.  There was so much  joy from this family and the love for their little boy,  limitless.  There’s just something about family portraits that’s so meaningful that I can identify with.   I can only guess that this comfort level comes from  seeing through my client’s parental eyes because I too am a parent. These Moms and Dads are beaming with pride at their beautiful children.  Most of the time, the children are knee-high. But it doesn’t matter, a parent’s love is still evident even in the teen years. I can see it!  I can relate to their desire to capture this specific time in their life.  I’m right there at that moment, in my client’s shoes,  trying to make time stand still for a little while longer before their little ones grow out of the cute stage their in, before they grow out of the wonderment of the little things, before they grow out of their innocence.  And that’s my job and what I truly enjoy and get to do. I get to freeze time for families and help them hang it up on a wall. Every time they pass by the treasured photos on their mantles, hallways, or entry, my wish is that they are flooded with those good memories they were trying to hold on the day they were created.                        Family Love {Alexandria va Family Photographer}

Family Love Alexandria va family photographer

family love {alexandria va photographer}


Family Love Alexandria Va Family Photographer

Baby Ethan {Alexandria VA Newborn Photographer}

Every time I have a newborn photography session, I swoon. Newborn sessions are one of the most difficult sessions yet I love doing them. The fact that I’m the one chosen to photograph this little person for his debut is really quite an honor.  It’s hard not to love what I do.  Baby Ethan was only a few days old when we met.  He had his first full night’s sleep the night before so I wasn’t sure if he would be awake for our morning session.  Baby calls the shots on all newborn sessions and if  baby isn’t ready for the session, we wait.  And wait…and wait.  We rock. Mom feeds. And we wait some more.  In the end, it’s always.  Always! Worth it.  Now back to beautiful baby Ethan. Isn’t he a beautiful,  sweet, boy?  His biggest fan by far is his big sister.  Just look how smitten she is!  Mom and Dad are fans, too; beaming with pride and thankful for their beautiful family.

Baby Ethan  - Alexandria Va Newborn Photographer

Baby Ethan Alexandria Va Newborn Photographer

Baby Ethan Alexandria Va Newborn Photographer Old Town Alexandria Va Newborn Photographer serving Northern Va and Washington DC

The W Family { Alexandria Va Family Photographer}

I’m an Alexandria Va photographer but I find myself in California once a year for a few weeks to visit family and to do a little work.  But really, photographing friends and family is hardly work. For  me it’s really fun making connections with old friends and making new ones.   Some  sessions are referrals from family and friends, while others are sessions with friends from the past.  Since I’m now on the east cost, these old friendships stay alive with Facebook such as with the W Family. I haven’t seen my friend, Jenny,  in years but I love that we were able to stay in touch and share photos, even when we’re miles apart.   With this session, it felt as if it was a reunion.   I met Jenny’s beautiful family for the first time. They were funny and really so nice – exactly the kind of family what you would hope for a friend.   It’s so great catching up with friends after years have passed, especially when there’s a happy ending. Great husband. Check.  Beautiful and such nice kids. Check. Happy family. Check.  Looking fabulous.  Double check!

The W Family Alexandria Va Family Photographer

The W Family Alexandria Va Family Photographer

The W Family {Alexandria Va Family Photographer}

Baby Makes Three {Alexandria Va Maternity Photographer}

That’s right, baby will indeed make three! This session was taken a couple weeks before baby was born although you would never have guessed how far along this mama was. She was full of energy and excitement. She was beautiful with that pregnancy glow and was such a natural in front of the camera. Dad was already a doting father at the mention of his daughter he had yet to meet. The sweet smile on their faces as they showed off the pretty yet sporty baby Nike’s  was a tell tale sign that their little Emma may be a princess but she will have strength and character.  Here’s to years of laughter and joy and to savoring every second with their little one.

baby makes three alexandria va maternity photographer

Baby Makes Three {Alexandria Va Maternity Photographer}

Alexandria based newborn and maternity photographer serving old town alexandria and northern va

Spring Playdate {Old Town Alexandria Photographer}

I had quite the spring playdate in Old Town Alexandria. It was so fun getting to know this sweet family . We connected through Instagram, the military, and our love for Old Town Alexandria.  I  really enjoy the Instagram photographs through eyes of this young family enjoying all that Old Town has to offer.   They will be missed once they leave at the end of summer but new and beautiful adventure awaits them in a far away place. I can’t wait to see images from their travels and at the same time watch the little ones grow.

old town alexandria children's and family photographer

Spring Playdate {Old Town Alexandria Photographer}

Alexandria va playdate photographer, old town alexandria children’s custom photographer

45 Years {Old Town Alexandria VA Family Photographer}

45  years.  This session was so inspiring. For their 45 year wedding anniversary, they decided to celebrate with beautiful photographs.  They were both absolutely lovely and beautiful and such gems in my world.  You can see love throughout their home for each other, for their children, and for the little things that life has to offer.

45 Years Alexandria Va Photographer





 45  years.  This session was so inspiring. For their 45 year wedding anniversary, they decided to celebrate with beautiful photographs.  They were both absolutely lovely and beautiful and such gems in my world.  You can see love throughout their home for each other, for their children, and for the little things that life has to offer.

45 Years Old Town Alexandria Va Custom Photographer

45 years Alexandria Va photographer Custom Photographer 

45 Years.  Alexandria Va custom photographer

Lovey Sessions {Alexandria VA Child and Family Photographer}

On this Valentines Day, I thought I’d share some photos from our Lovey Session Event at Old City Press in Old Town Alexandria.   Lisa from Mud Stew Photography & Design LLC and I had so much fun capturing these little ones and their special loves. The special Lovey bond is fleeting so we’re happy to capture this time for Parents as well as the children who hold their friends so dear.   To the parents who joined us, we hope these photographs bring a smile to your face at every glance. They sure did bring a smile to ours. And to the children who delighted us, may you always have an open heart and beautiful friendships. For more images, you can view The 5 Project video.

Lovey Session Event

Happy Baby E {Alexandria Va Baby Photographer}

How adorable is sweet is happy baby E?!  She is definitely the happiest baby I’ve had the pleasure to photograph and I’ve photographed a lot of happy babies.   Baby E and her parents were in town to visit her favorite aunt and uncle and what a great way to commemorate her trip with loved ones than with photographs.  Yellow was such a fitting color for her sunny disposition on this somewhat gloomy day in November.   Happiness was definitely inherited.  This lovely family was so fun and was just a pleasure to work with. We had a lot of laughs which  made it really easy to capture these beautiful moments.

Happy Baby E

Back to the grind {Alexandria Va Photographer}

After the busy holiday season, I had a mini break just to sit back and do absolutely nothing but spend lovely time with family and friends.  Now, I’m back to the grind and feel really energized to start the new year.As I’ve stated in my New Year’s post, I’ll be drawing inspiration from my past this year and hope to incorporate past experiences and lessons into my photography. My style won’t change.  My aesthetic will remain clean and modern with a classic twist. This doesn’t mean I won’t grow as an artist or move forward and learn. It’s just that towards the end of 2013, I’ve realized that images in the past that I may have been scrapped are now back on the table.  I also realized  that I was once open as a newbie photographer and shared more of myself and shared more photos on the blog,  which I scaled back once business took off even if a little. Life became busy and if I didn’t blog about a session immediately, it was likely that it would be posted for sometime or ever (exhibit blog from yesterday). I will be better at this! All in all, I think this is just part of an evolving process for my art, for me and for my business.  My passion for photography and my job is still great and continues to grow!

This session I’m posting today, with friends during the height of 2013’s cherry blossoms, really sparked a lot of upcoming projects this year; projects that spawned from the love of our children, the time spent with loved ones, and capturing magical moments.  This day was magical. We all dragged our kids out of bed at 5 am, drove in the morning darkness, and struggled to find parking. We all managed to find each other, enjoyed the sun rise, each other’s company, and the frolicking children. And the donuts! We can’t forget the donuts!!

Back to the grind. Alexandria Va Photographer