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Super Kaheem Saves DC

Super Kaheem Saves DC

It was such an honor to photograph Make-A-Wish® Mid Atlantic’s special event in December.  Stacey Flint Photography, Carrie Keene Photography and I were the official photographers for the special Super Kaheem Saves DC event and for months, during the planning stages, we had to keep this all this underwraps. When the day finally came to see this through we were excited! This wish was spectacular and it was all in the name of Kaheem.  Kaheem is 5 years old and is battling leukemia. For one day, Kaheem was a superhero, saving others and doing good. He first had to drink a superhero potion and was then whisked off to meet his favorite heros. The rest was Make-A-Wish history. We followed Kaheem all day on December 16th as he dashed through the Washington DC metro area to save the day. It really took so many people to make this wish come to fruition. From local fire and police departments, Paul Ryan’s staff,  the city of National Harbor, the Newseum staff,  and so many others not to mention the crowds of people who attended to wish Kaheem well. The wish was a success and everyone came together to make sure it was a perfect day for Kaheem. 

And what a super, amazing day it was! Kaheem carried out his missions perfectly which included saving Santa at National Harbor’s ferris wheel, finding a lost flag in the United States Capitol, capturing the grinch at the National Theater and saving local sports mascots at the Newseum. I loved how Kaheem squealed with delight and giggled throughout the day. His enthusiasm and joy was infectious! So was his smile! There were so many kind strangers who joined Kaheem throughout the day just to show their support and to encourage him. This was televised by Washington DC’s Fox 5 all day and it didn’t take long for everyone to notice! With tweets from Vice President Biden and The Rock himself, this was huge!  Everyone just genuinely wanted to make this boy happy and it warmed my heart on that very cold day in December. Here are just a few photos I took.   

Super Kaheem Saves Dsuper kaheem saves DC, alexandria va photographer


For a video of the event

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