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Old Town Alexandria ClickinWalk

Old town alexandria clickin walk

I’m co-leading the Old Town Alexandria ClickinWalk with Stacey Flint Photography!  Clickin’ Moms is hosting a world-wide photo walk, and we are excited to encourage local photographers to join in.  Let’s spend time together networking, sharing our passion for photography, as well as challenging our creative skills.  Amateurs, Hobbyists and Professionals Welcome!  Here are the details: 

Our walk will take place in beautiful historic Old Town Alexandria, a nationally designated historic district founded in 1749. Bring your walking shoes and bottled water! We plan on walking approx. 2 miles around Old Town’s picturesque downtown. We have chosen an optimum route for both portraiture and street photography styles. On our walk, we’ll encounter Old Town’s cobblestone streets, brick sidewalks, brick alleys, parks, as well as the gardens at Carlyle house. We’ll share our favorite spots as we encounter a great mix of greenery, urban streets, and beautiful textures as your backdrop

There are plenty of parking garages in Old Town Alexandria with prices ranging from $2.50 per hour to $12 all day. Click HERE for garage locations and prices.

Date: Friday, May 5th
Time: Walk starts at 9:30am
Optional Coffee begins at 9:00am (Starbucks at corner of King St and Union Street)

Walk Meeting Place:
Steps to the Torpedo Factory (Corner of King and Union Street/across the street from Starbucks)
101 N. Union Street
Alexandria, VA

Lunch afterwards: 11:30am
Virtue Feed and Grain
106 S Union Street
Alexandria, VA

Register HERE

You don’t have to be a Clickin’ Mom Member to join.

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Lovey Sessions {Alexandria VA Child and Family Photographer}

On this Valentines Day, I thought I’d share some photos from our Lovey Session Event at Old City Press in Old Town Alexandria.   Lisa from Mud Stew Photography & Design LLC and I had so much fun capturing these little ones and their special loves. The special Lovey bond is fleeting so we’re happy to capture this time for Parents as well as the children who hold their friends so dear.   To the parents who joined us, we hope these photographs bring a smile to your face at every glance. They sure did bring a smile to ours. And to the children who delighted us, may you always have an open heart and beautiful friendships. For more images, you can view The 5 Project video.

Lovey Session Event

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Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer}

For The 5 Project’s 1st event of  2014 we will be offering Lovey Sessions at the Old City Press January 31-February 2, just in time for Valentin’s Day.

What exactly is a Lovey Session? Let’s start off with the word ‘lovey’.   In my household, when our our children were babies/toddlers, lovey is what we called their well beloved stuffed animal or blankie.  You know, the one they sleep with, eat with,  travel with, talk to, and hold near and dear when things are just not going according to plan. My daughter received a beautiful pink cat as a present when she was a baby and it was love at first sight.  She took her lovey with her on her first day or daycare. There were still tears but her lovey was there to comfort her and she couldn’t go to daycare without it.  My son also has a Lovey that he’s had since birth. Although he is really into Mine Craft and all things digital these days, I’ll still find his lovey on his bed.

The photographers of The 5 Project all have the same lovey experience with their children and so we thought what better way to preserve this childhood bond and this very sweet stage by photographing this special time.

So in short, a Lovey Session will be our attempt at freezing time, keeping those chubby hands and feet small a little while longer, preserving the innocence and  unabashed joy over the little things.

A Lovey Session will will include your little one and their own special lovey. The location will be at the gorgeous Old City Press & Comapany in Old Town Alexandria- right across the street from 5 Guys! It’s a gorgeous space filled with natural light.

This session will completely center around your child and their lovey.  We’ll have a warm up period for your child with a fun activity and then they’re off to their 30 minute session.

For more information about this event, please visit The 5 Project.


Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} S and his teddy

Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} I and her fuzzy friends


Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} L and her pink besties


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2014 Twelve Magazine

I thought I’d kick off the school year with an updated issue of Twelve Magazine featuring the class of 2014 graduating seniors I’ve had the pleasure to photograph and get to know. It was really difficult for me to choose the cover model.  As you can see in the cover choices I had, this wasn’t a slam dunk decision. Just look at all these smart, beautiful girls who are all really remarkable in their own way. Now you know why the decision to pick just one for the cover was so extremely tough for me. If you want to see who it is that made the cover- click here.




Cover2 8



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Senior Boy Session {Old Town Alexandria High School Senior Photographer}

Because boys deserve to look and feel good too.

MCL_0084wb MCL_0134wb MCL_0149.BWB MCL_0176wb MCL_0202 MCL_0215WB MCL_0226WB

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Lyndsay {Alexandria VA High School Senior Photographer}

Lyndsay is the sweetest! Can’t you just tell by her angelic smile?  This gorgeous teen has been dancing since she was 3. She’s a great dancer and completes nationally.  Her dance team, The West Potomac Varsity Dance Team even participated in the National Dance Alliance (NDA) Championships.  This year, the team took first place prize in the East Coast Regional division at the U.S. Finals Dance and Cheer Competition.  This year’s team is the first in West Potomac history to take home the first place trophy. Lyndsay will continue continue to follow her passion and will be competing her senior year in high school.  I wish Lyndsay and the rest of the West Potomac Dance Team success in 2013/2014!






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Emma {Chantilly High School Senior Photographer}

Where do I begin? There are so many great qualities about this senior it’s really difficult for me to find a starting point. Let’s state the obvious for a sec.  Emma is beautiful and will be participating in the Miss Asian American Beauty pageant this summer.  Now on to what makes Emma extraordinary?  Aside from playing the Chinese flute and performing at different events and occasions, Emma is very much involved in her community. She volunteers at her local hospital every weekend and is a teacher assistant at a Chinese school. She is a member of Model United Nation and has won several awards. She is in five different Honor Societies. FIVE!  She is the Treasurer of the Interact Club of Chantilly which focuses on helping others and building better communities. She certainly has a passion for volunteering and helping others as she demonstrated by being a cofounder of Girls Learn International Club at her high school.  The goal of this club is to promote and fund-raise for equal education for girls in developing nations.

I am so honored to have been part of Emma’s high school experience. I am so unbelievably in awe of what she has accomplished so far and the very solid foundation she has built. This foundation is strong and will take her to the future where she will leave her mark and will make a difference in others, her community, and the world!

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Susi {Alexandria Va High School Senior Photographer}

Ambition like you cannot believe. Check. Responsible. Check. Diligent. Check.  Looks like Susi has the combination that will propel her into a very bright future.  Her beauty and killer smile is pretty much the icing on the cake.   Susi is the 2014 class Secretary of her high school, Secretary of the Future Educators Association and the Vice President of the French Club.  She also writes for the school paper.  Although she’s accomplished so much, Susi has a quiet confidence about her that I truly admire. She’s sweet and is just a nice girl.  She is an inspiration to her peers and I know she will be an inspiration to her future students.


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Leia {Alexandria Va High School Senior Photographer}

With all the talent shows we’ve been accustomed to through the years, the word ‘triple threat’ is now a part of our vocabulary. I think I first heard this a very long time ago on American Idol. This is what Paula described the uber talented, then budding talent, Kelly Clarkson.  Why am I going on about all this?  Because  this is how I would describe  Leia.  She dances, sings, and acts in her school plays.  She is also a very smart young lady and is a member of The National Honor Society. To top it off, Leia is such a caring and conscientious young lady and is involved in several community clubs.  Being such a creative force, it’s no surprise to me that she paints and plays the ukulele in what spare time she has.  Well, now come to think of it, she’s more like a quadruple threat. I’m so very honored to have taken part in creating Leia’s photos. She’s one special teen who I know will continue touch many with her performances and through her community work.



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Beautiful Accordion Albums Now Available {Northern Va High School Photographer}

IMG_4263_0005 copy

I love when I receive products in the mail.  I was especially excited when this arrived.  This is a 4×8 Accordion Album I started offering this year. Aren’t they fabulous? I just think they’re such a fun way share your favorite photographs with your family and friends. They’re compact when closed and is the perfect size to fit in your bag, stand on your desk or give them as a gift.  Beautiful pearl paper adds just the right touch.

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