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Old Town Alexandria ClickinWalk

Old town alexandria clickin walk

I’m co-leading the Old Town Alexandria ClickinWalk with Stacey Flint Photography!  Clickin’ Moms is hosting a world-wide photo walk, and we are excited to encourage local photographers to join in.  Let’s spend time together networking, sharing our passion for photography, as well as challenging our creative skills.  Amateurs, Hobbyists and Professionals Welcome!  Here are the details: 

Our walk will take place in beautiful historic Old Town Alexandria, a nationally designated historic district founded in 1749. Bring your walking shoes and bottled water! We plan on walking approx. 2 miles around Old Town’s picturesque downtown. We have chosen an optimum route for both portraiture and street photography styles. On our walk, we’ll encounter Old Town’s cobblestone streets, brick sidewalks, brick alleys, parks, as well as the gardens at Carlyle house. We’ll share our favorite spots as we encounter a great mix of greenery, urban streets, and beautiful textures as your backdrop

There are plenty of parking garages in Old Town Alexandria with prices ranging from $2.50 per hour to $12 all day. Click HERE for garage locations and prices.

Date: Friday, May 5th
Time: Walk starts at 9:30am
Optional Coffee begins at 9:00am (Starbucks at corner of King St and Union Street)

Walk Meeting Place:
Steps to the Torpedo Factory (Corner of King and Union Street/across the street from Starbucks)
101 N. Union Street
Alexandria, VA

Lunch afterwards: 11:30am
Virtue Feed and Grain
106 S Union Street
Alexandria, VA

Register HERE

You don’t have to be a Clickin’ Mom Member to join.

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Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer}

For The 5 Project’s 1st event of  2014 we will be offering Lovey Sessions at the Old City Press January 31-February 2, just in time for Valentin’s Day.

What exactly is a Lovey Session? Let’s start off with the word ‘lovey’.   In my household, when our our children were babies/toddlers, lovey is what we called their well beloved stuffed animal or blankie.  You know, the one they sleep with, eat with,  travel with, talk to, and hold near and dear when things are just not going according to plan. My daughter received a beautiful pink cat as a present when she was a baby and it was love at first sight.  She took her lovey with her on her first day or daycare. There were still tears but her lovey was there to comfort her and she couldn’t go to daycare without it.  My son also has a Lovey that he’s had since birth. Although he is really into Mine Craft and all things digital these days, I’ll still find his lovey on his bed.

The photographers of The 5 Project all have the same lovey experience with their children and so we thought what better way to preserve this childhood bond and this very sweet stage by photographing this special time.

So in short, a Lovey Session will be our attempt at freezing time, keeping those chubby hands and feet small a little while longer, preserving the innocence and  unabashed joy over the little things.

A Lovey Session will will include your little one and their own special lovey. The location will be at the gorgeous Old City Press & Comapany in Old Town Alexandria- right across the street from 5 Guys! It’s a gorgeous space filled with natural light.

This session will completely center around your child and their lovey.  We’ll have a warm up period for your child with a fun activity and then they’re off to their 30 minute session.

For more information about this event, please visit The 5 Project.


Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} S and his teddy

Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} I and her fuzzy friends


Lovey Session {Alexandria Va Child Photographer} L and her pink besties


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G is for gorgeous, greatness, gracious,generous…I could go on…{Alexandria High School Senior Photographer}

When my daughter enters her teen years, I would like her to be like this one.  It’s so cliche to say someone is beautiful inside and out, but words couldn’t be truer for this teen. Not only is she gorgeous, she has a pure heart, a caring nature, is respectful to her elders, is loving and is just a good kid.  I’ve known her all her life and I can remember when she was very young thinking how good natured she was and hoping that she never outgrow her sweet disposition.  I am so happy that she didn’t.  She hugs you when she sees you and she hugs you when you leave while uttering the words, ‘Mahal Kita’ (means I Love You in Tagalog). Her parents must have done something right. I’m waiting for them to write a parenting book. This special Senior has definitely proven that the teen years don’t have to be challenging for parents. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Great things are bound to happen for this young lady and I can’t wait to see what life brings her way.

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It’s all in the eyes {Stockton Ca senior photographer}

They often say the eyes are a window to your soul.  That’s true in this case. Miss A has gorgeous eyes and you can seriously get lost peering into those beautiful green gems.  Yes, gems! Her eyes sparkle and let in so much light.  Her eyes pull you in where you do get a peek of her soul.   She’s a sweet, fun-loving girl and so cheerful.    She’s a talented gymnast and loves her job of coaching young children.  She’s a great role model for little ones and an inspiration to everyone.  Miss A, it was a pleasure working with you and your family and when your 10 year high school reunion comes around I’m sure you’ll have wonderful stories to share.


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V is for Very Beautiful {Stockton Ca Photographer}

Meet V. She’s beautiful, yes. But what makes her even more extrordinary is her beauty from within. She’s a loving daughter, a great friend and from what I hear the best younger sister a brother can ask for. Just when you though she couldn’t be better, V is also a soccer star. She’s played almost all her young life and excels in the sport like she excels in her personal life. I’m very proud of V and know that things will be bright for this high school senior.

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