No Excuses! {washington dc boudoir photographer}


For those of you on the fence on partaking my Glam Fusion Boudoir session, here are 10 debunked excuses.
1. I’m not in shape

I need to lose 5 lbs, I’m not ready, yada…yada..I hear more excuses about weight than I can count!  You need to know you are beautiful no matter what your size or flaws you may think you have.  With those  ‘flaws’  come assets and I want you to shout from the rooftops loud and proud of how fabulous you look. That’s why we are here. Taking photos. Celebrating your beauty- NO MATTER WHAT SIZE.  Please take 78 seconds out of your day to watch THIS VIDEO, “Totally Awesome,” no matter who you are.

2. It’s Too Expensive

Actually, participating in a Glam Boudoir session is one of the best deals out there!  You will be pampered with a make up, hair,   h’ors deouvres, and  lastly, your shoot.  You’ll also receive a 10 page 5×7 album depending on what package your purchase.

3. I am Too Old

Psst-have you heard 40 is the new 30, 50 the new 40! Age is just a number and a mindset.  Besides being wiser, I find that the older my clients are, the more comfortable in their skin. I love that we get wiser as we get older:) With that said, women are totally beautiful creatures at any age.

4. I am Shy

I can understand this. I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Your shoot will be in a private studio with just me and a female assistant.  I’m easy going, I”m funny, and will make the shoot fun and I promise I’m not scary! If you want to bring your best friend to tag along, the more the merrier!

5. I Don’t Want These Photos to show up on the internet

Why do you think I don’t have that many in my on-line portfolio.  I do not slap my clients private session on my website unless they let me. Most clients want this to be an intimate session with the photographs as gifts for their sweetheart’s eyes only.  After I edit I store securely for a short time and delete all of the outtakes. Seriously – your privacy is my number 2 concern – after making you look HAWT.

6. I am Pregnant

What a fabulous time to celebrate your body! That glow is something only experienced in pregnant women, and guess what?  Having a belly–totally a good thing!

7. I don’t know what to wear

I can refer you to a stylist. She is amazing and wonderful and will work with you on YOUR style. You can wear as much or as little as you wish, but working with a stylist is something that will help you achieve the look and feel you want. And you thought stylists were only for Hollywood Starlets…I want you to feel like a star.  Stylist not your thing? No worries, I’ll have an info packet for you with all the details, including what to wear!

8. It’s Trashy

Not one little bit! I like to think my boudoir sessions are along the lines of discreet beauty- art, if you will.  My boudoir style is modern, classy, and timeless and you never have to be in lingerie, unless you want to be.  That’s why my sessions are Glam Fusions.  I’ll work within your comfort level.

9. Why would I do something like this?

Because you will finally know how hot you are. Because you want a really original gift for your partner. Because you deserve it. Because a gym membership and new clothes can’t give you the gift that these photos will give you; sense of empowerment in the skin you’re in, confidence, and an experience like no other.

10. I am Embarrassed.

Don’t be. Please.  I will do my best to help you feel comfortable through the shoot. Have I mentioned how fun this is going to be? Seriously, it’s going to be a party! You’ll be glad you did this.

See, there are absolutely no excuses! Join me and Lindsay Clark for an amazing experience.

This session was taken a couple weeks before baby was born although you would never have guessed how far along this mama was. She was full of energy and excitement. She was beautiful with that pregnancy glow and was such a natural in front of the camera. Dad was already a doting father at the mention of his daughter he had yet to meet. The sweet smile on their faces as they showed off the pretty yet sporty baby Nike’s  was a tell tale sign that their little Emma may be a princess but she will have strength and character.  Here’s to years of laughter and joy and to savoring every second with their little one.


Birthday + Playdate = Happy Times


Coffee & Canine Event

Join us at Killer ESP on Saturday May 31st from 9 am to noon for the first ever Coffee & Canine Event!  Bring your people and pet friendly pooch, grab your espresso, sorbet, or pie, and meet us in the courtyard for a morning mixer with great vendors. Enter a raffle or partake in a photo session. Winthrop Clothing Company  will be there with her very stylish dog accessories. Your pet will enjoy treats from Raining Cats & Dogs!  For more information, head on over to The 5 Project!

Stylish Ties, Bows, & Bandanas By Winthrop Clothing Company





Spring Playdate

It was so fun getting to know this sweet family . We connected through Instagram, the military, and our love for Old Town Alexandria.  I  really enjoy their Instagram photographs through eyes of a young family enjoying all that Old Town has to offer.   They will be missed once they leave at the end of summer but new and beautiful adventure awaits them in a far away place. I can’t wait to see images from their travels and at the same time watch the little ones grow.



Just wanted to share photos from our recent Dog Photoshoot Event at Killer ESP.  So much cuteness and so much fun! So much so, that we’re going to have a monthly Coffee & Canine Event the last saturday of each month From May – August.  Come stop by our morning mixer at Killer ESP from 9 am – noon.  Grab coffee for you and treats for your fur baby by Raining Cats and Dogs.  Winthrop Clothing Company will also be with her beautifully made dog accessories.



45 Years

This session was so inspiring. For their 45 year wedding anniversary, they decided to celebrate with beautiful photographs.  They were both absolutely lovely and beautiful and such gems in my world.  You can see love throughout their home for each other, for their children, and for the little things that life has to offer.


Spring Sessions Coming Soon!


Union Market, DC

I find inspiration everywhere! Marketplaces included. When I visited Union Market  it was love at first sight. From the moment I entered I knew I’d be in for a treat.  I was  greeted by the very unique and beautiful water bottle chandelier. Yes, those are water bottles! Take a closer look.  Each step through the market there was visual stimulation. I tried not to be too intrusive with camera in hand but as I wandered the indoor market, which features a mix of artisans and restaurants, I couldn’t help myself.  I managed to to snap just a few pictures but most of all, I  reveled in inspiration overload.  Perhaps one of my favorites was Salt & Sundry,  a fine boutique of beautifully curated selection of housewares, linens, gifts, artisanal foods as well as vintage finds.  If  you haven’t gone, you simply must go. Do it for your senses!


Stand out in a sea of selfies

Solo portrait sessions are increasing in popularity due to the social media culture today. Never before have your portraits been so visible to so many.  Your face is stamped on all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For some, your profile pic is even on your email.   For business owners or entrepreneurs, the pictures on your website really becomes part of your brand.  Today, your customers have googled you and your company before stepping foot in your store or office. This then makes your website, including your profile picture, your client’s first impression.  Make it a good one.  Whether you want photographs for personal or business reasons, make sure you seek a professional to help you stand out in a sea of selfies!