Editorial and Portrait Photographer | Alexandria Va | Washington DC

Editorial and portrait photographer alexandria va washington dc

Editorial and Portrait Photographer | Alexandria Va | Washington DC

Editorial and Portrait Photographer  Alexandria va washington DC 








Editorial and Portrait Photographer Alexandria Va Alexandria Va Editorial and portrait photographer, Old Town Alexandria Editorial and Portrait Photographer  

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name it Gena  (pronounced Jenna). When I was 17 I purchased a purple film camera which I carried with me to school daily and pretty much everywhere to chronicle my senior year in high school.  I spent many nights putting together my senior year story in an album because the yearbook was just not going to capture everything.  The photography obsession didn’t end there.  I continued to take black and white film photography courses in college where I began to appreciate the art of photography and the darkroom experience.  Through the years I found myself peicing together my life  story in pictures stricly as a hobby.   In 2008, Shutterfly, a major photography site, which I frequented, contacted me  for permission to showcase my  family photographs on-line and during business presentations.   Since then I’ve realized that work and passion can coexist and launched my photography business.  I have worked with local event planners, businesses, and families across the Washington DC metropolitan area, New York,  and California.  I have been the lead photographer and artistic director for bonnie Magazine and  co-founder of  The 5 Project and have photographed  The Alexandria Firefighter’s Inc., Local 2141 Photos with Santa Event in 2013 and 2014.  Being a photographer has offered me an opportunity to work with amazing non-profit organizations such as the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria,  The American Heart Association Heart’s Delight events, The FILM Project & Help Portrait

Editorial and Portrait Photographer Alexandria VA